1. The Beginning
#TheBeginning #PolyPadInsightseries
Polygon is a layer 2 scaling aggregator for side chains, rollups and even whole blockchains in an effort to fix Ethereum’s transaction limitations. Polygon takes a new approach towards scaling as it will allow projects to choose the scaling solution that best fits their needs.
Many Dapps are choosing Polygon as their default layer 2 solutions as Polygon network fee is as low as zero. Recently, Block123 has mapped out nearly one hundred projects are currently being developed on Polygon’s. The rapidly increased adoption has created big problems which can destroy Polygon’s potentials:
  • Ineffectiveness funding mechanism for projects.
  • Ongoing scams and rug-pulls seriously affect investors’ interests.
  • Only KOLs or VCs can secure allocations for seed/private rounds makes retailers missed early investment opportunity.
And the our latest project: PolyPad - was born...
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