PolyPad Network
Token Utility
PolyPad is powered by MPAD utility token which serves a deflationary membership token.
PolyPad's economic model is designed to benefit all loyal related parties and achieve its long-term goal.

Membership and ecosystem rewarding

  • MPAD is a membership token that gives access to early investment deals. Investors can stake and lock liquidity tokens and MPAD to receive yield farming and private allocations.
  • Hold MPAD to be eligible for 2 rounds of IDO. Farming rewards are 1 year locked and 10 months vesting.
  • MPAD is used to reward KOLs, projects and partners who promote the adoption of PolyPad through social mining activities.

Deflationary token

  • 50% profits from incubation services will be used to buy back and burn MPAD quarterly.

Platform governance

  • MPAD also serves as a governance token of the platform, to participate in governance activities for a predetermined set of parameters such the holding amounts and duration for each round
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